Monta Ellis once bought Jeremy Lin 20 pairs of $200 jeans (VIDEO)


Jeremy Lin was an NBA sensation as a young player. Well, at least with the New York Knicks.

During his time with the Golden State Warriors, Lin wasn’t compelling enough to have an entire book written about him. No, Linsanity wouldn’t come until later, and in Golden State Lin was simply a backup point guard.

As a rookie and not exactly a star, you might expect some of the stories from Lin’s first year in the league to be ones of hazing. But Lin recently spoke at National Chengchi University in Taiwan, giving the commencement speech, telling a story about former Warriors PG Monta Ellis that, frankly, was pretty heartwarming.

The story was an example about trying to do things the right way for the people around you. The Harvard graduate said that he entered a league owning only one pair of jeans. Ellis thought that was unacceptable, and decided to buy Lin 20 pairs of jeans at $200 a pop.

Ellis has become somewhat of a cult figure in the Bay Area in the wake of Golden State winning three out of the last four championships, but he did have an up-and-down career in many other places he played. Still, that’s a pretty nice thing of Ellis to do and speaks to some of his character that perhaps we didn’t get to see when he was playing.

Physical therapist: LeBron James should have missed six months

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Lakers initially called LeBron James day-to-day with the groin injury he suffered on Christmas.

He missed more than five weeks.

Maybe he should have sat even longer.

Karen Joubert, via Complex Sports:

Maybe LeBron returned too soon. This injury allowed that, even if it put him at risk of reaggravation if not fully recovered.

Maybe LeBron just healed especially quickly. Even among world-class athletes, he is an elite athlete.

Maybe Joubert is exaggerating. People tend to do that with LeBron’s body.

There’s plenty of room for interpretation, but it sure looked like LeBron was still hobbled.

What does this mean for LeBron and the Lakers going forward?

The pessimistic spin: LeBron did lasting damage to his body by returning so soon. This (failed) attempt to get the Lakers into the playoffs this season will undermine him in the future.

The optimistic spin: LeBron has still been excellent these last few weeks. If he gets fully healthy during his longest offseason in 14 years, he should be even better next season.

Kyrie Irving on whether returning to Cleveland means something to him: ‘Not at all’

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
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Kyrie Irving spent his first six seasons with the Cavaliers. He developed into a star with them. He won a title with them, even hitting the championship-winning shot.

With Irving’s Celtics playing in Cleveland tomorrow, Irving reflected on his time there.

Jared Weiss of The Athletic:

Irving is so clearly over the Cavs.

He was probably over the Cavs even while playing for them.

Lakers fan barely moves net while making halfcourt shot (video)

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez
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The Lakers have had a rough season.

Last night went pretty well, though – especially for one fan.

The Lakers beat the Kings, and this fan swished a halfcourt shot to win $45,000.

CJ Fogler:

The Lakers need more outside shooting. Maybe they could turn to some of their fans.

Giannis Antetokounmpo drives past/through all the Cavaliers for dunk (video)

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Giannis Antetokounmpo is undeniable.

Watch this video. He’s the only Bucks player in sight on the court. All five Cavaliers appear. Antetokounmpo dunks anyway.

He dribbles past Jordan Clarkson then through David Nwaba and Tristan Thompson. Nik Stauskas and Brandon Knight are shading close enough to narrow his potential path. None of it matters.

Antetokounmpo scores inside unlike anyone anyone we’ve ever seen.