Lakers’ Lonzo Ball drops diss track taking shots at Kyle Kuzma

Getty Images

Know this: Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma are tight. They’re friends. There’s no beef here. What you see below is just two young men talking a little trash among running mates, as young 20-something men often do (and 30-somethings, and 40-somethings, and…).

That said…

Ball upped the ante on the trash talking game dropping a diss track taking shots at Kuzma on Monday.

Here’s some of what gets said: “Who are you without ZO2? Just another dude with a bunch of tattoos,” and “Big Baller Brand getting bread, little Kuz is getting crumbs.”

Damn, that’s cold.

Of course, Kuzma fired back saying Lonzo is no Pusha-T.

The entire NBA is watching this now.