76ers investigation: Bryan Colangelo’s wife admitted to operating burner Twitter accounts, but he was ‘careless’ and ‘reckless’

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Bryan Colangelo resigned as 76ers president today.

Will he admit to knowing of, let alone operating, the burner Twitter accounts at the heart of this scandal? He hasn’t, and at this point, there’s little reason to believe he will.

His wife, Barbara Bottini, apparently took the blame.

John Schumann of NBA.com:

If it were all truly Bottini without Colangelo’s knowledge, that opens a bunch of thorny issues. What leeway should someone have to discuss stressful work issues with a spouse? Is it fair to punish Colangelo for his wife’s actions? Did the views expressed in the tweets – sharply critical of many, including current 76ers Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz – reflect Colangelo’s views?

Here’s what I can’t get past: At least two days after the story broke, Colangelo was still denying any knowledge of who was behind the Twitter accounts. His wife didn’t inform him, in the midst of a career-defining scandal, it was her? Maybe that’s a marital issue not appropriate to be discussed here. Or maybe it speaks to Colangelo’s lack of trustworthiness – which, save anything else, probably did him in.