LeBron James gets tackled, Ty Lue gets a tech for arguing (VIDEO)


People were not happy about the officiating in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals. They are unlikely to be happy with the results after Sunday’s Game 2 performance by the boys in gray.

The NBA installed a different officiating crew for Game 2 in Oakland between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, but there were still several questionable calls that left fans on both sides scratching their heads.

One play in particular was an outlet pass by Kevin Love to LeBron James in the third quarter. LeBron was being guarded by Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, who wound up sort of colliding with James and tackling him to the ground.

Officials did not think the play warranted a call, and LeBron ended up turning it over. That resulted in quite a bit of complaining from James and Cavaliers head coach Ty Lue, who received a technical foul.

Via Twitter:

No matter the results of Sunday’s matchup between these teams, the officiating will continue to be a source of chatter online as the league tries to solve a problem they have had all season long.