LeBron, abstaining from social media, still knows all about Bryan Colangelo (VIDEO)


During the playoffs, LeBron James famously tries to abstain from using social media. Or, at least he says he does. The Cleveland Cavaliers star sees the medium as a distraction during the most important time of the year for him. It makes sense.

Because of this abstention, you would naturally think that LeBron wouldn’t have every little detail about the saga happening right now between the Philadelphia 76ers and their general manager Bryan Colangelo. However, it appears that LeBron has kept himself informed even though he didn’t witness one of the most incredible nights on NBA Twitter firsthand.

When LeBron was recently asked a question about the tweets of Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, LeBron simply responded by asking the reporter whether the tweets were actually sent by Gilbert, making open reference to the saga with Colangelo.

Via Twitter:

That’s pretty good.

Meanwhile, the Sixers are still undergoing their independent investigation. Some more details about the suspected Colangelo burner accounts have surfaced, and the deadline many thought would be the curtain for Colangelo — Friday night — has passed.