LeBron James says eye improving after Game 1 injury

Getty Images

OAKLAND — It looked bad.

Just before halftime of Game 1, LeBron James drove the lane and Draymond Green rotated over then went up to challenge the shot, as part of that Green tried to use his left hand to faceguard LeBron and in doing so poked LeBron in the eye.

LeBron’s eye had some blood in it later, and after the game he admitted it was blurry.

For Game 2, James says his eye is improved.

“It’s better. It doesn’t look better, but the docs told me it’s better,” LeBron said Saturday. “It’s just going through a stage right now of recovering. It looks worse than it did during the game, but it feels better…

“I’m taking my medication that I’ve been given by the doctors. My eye drops and my antibiotic to help me with the recovery as fast as possible. But it’s an eye. I mean, it’s going to recover as fast as it can on its own. There is nothing you can do. I can’t ice it or anything like that, or if I get more sleep or whatever the case maybe. I’ll just have to naturally, organically let heal.

“Like I said, it’s been better. But it’s better today than it was in Game 1. Like I said, it doesn’t look better, but it feels a lot better.”

LeBron had 51 points and 8 assists in the Game 1, playing the second half with that blurry eye. The Warriors should be concerned if he’s feeling that much better now.