Klay Thompson battling high ankle sprain, ‘optimistic’ he can play

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OAKLAND — Klay Thompson wasn’t slowed in Game 1 after he returned from having J.R. Smith crash into his leg, leading to a “left lateral leg contusion.” Thompson played 39 more minutes, scored 22 points and had five threes in that stretch.

After the game, when his body cooled down, is when things changed. It became clear he was battling a high ankle sprain, according to reports.

“My ankle is just sore…” Thompson said, later adding there was “swelling, stiffness. I kind of expected it after the game ended. The adrenaline has not kicked in you aren’t moving as you were. I’ve done it before, right after it happens you can play on it. Once you stop, go to bed that night, it kinda swells up.

“I’m still optimistic for tomorrow, and I’m going to do everything I can today and tonight to get right.”

Thompson expressed frustration with the injury and the incident, although he added he didn’t think it was intentional on Smith’s part (he clearly slipped on a wet spot on the court).

The Warriors are likely without Andre Iguodala for Game 2, and they miss his defense. They would really miss Thompson on that end as well, not to mention all the threes.

“It’s not good, but I’m going to do what I have to do to get out there,” Thompson said. “That’s something you definitely don’t want to have trying to win an NBA Championship.”

Stephen Curry, for one, isn’t worried about Thompson.

“He obviously didn’t do much on the floor (during Saturday’s practice), but doesn’t really need to,” Curry said. “Only worry about 5 o’clock tomorrow.”

Thompson is thinking the same thing, he knows what stage he’s on.

“It’s a Finals game, I’m going to do everything I possibly can to play,” Thompson said.