NBA players had same reaction to JR Smith everyone else did


It was the blunder to end all blunders, the ultimate Shaqtin’ a Fool moment, and one that could have cost the Cleveland Cavaliers an NBA Finals Game 1 win. With the game tied 107-107 and 4.7 seconds left, J.R. Smith made an impressive play to get the offensive rebound off a missed George Hill free throw, only to try to dribble out the clock like the Cavaliers had the lead. Smith, a player who hasn’t turned down a shot — good or bad — in his entire NBA career, picked that moment not to shoot. LeBron James on down the Cavaliers were confused.

Every corner of the NBA Twitterverse went nuts — and that includes NBA players.

The Cavaliers lost Game 1 to the Warriors in overtime.

And J.R. Smith’s play will live on in NBA lore forever.