Report: Pistons to interview TNT’s Kenny Smith to be head coach

Getty Images

Convention seems out the window in the Pistons’ search to replace Stan Van Gundy as coach and general manager. Usually, the plan is to hire a GM, then let him pick his man as coach. The Pistons have hired Ed Stefanski as a “senior consultant” and then they have hired a couple of consultants to help him pick a coach (on a separate track from the GM).

One of the potential coaches: Kenny “the jet” Smith.

Smith isn’t just the guy running up to the big screen (and lately into the big screen) on TNT’s Inside the NBA, he was a 10-year NBA veteran point guard who won a couple of rings with the Rockets in the 1990s. He was interviewed by the Knicks for their head coaching job a couple of years ago. He knows the game.

That’s a very different skill set from being an NBA coach.

Sometimes guys plucked out of the broadcast booth make great coaches — Pat Riley, Steve Kerr — but it is a risk. The question becomes does Smith’s coaching philosophy fit with the direction the Pistons want to go? Of course, that leads to two other questions: What is Smith’s coaching philosophy? What direction do the Pistons want to go?

It’s going to be one hot summer in Detroit.