Report: Stephen Curry wants to host a PGA Tour event in 2019


Stephen Curry is a good golfer. Like, a scratch golfer.

So it makes sense he would want to be involved in the professional sport in some way, even if the meat of the PGA Tour season takes place during the NBA season. Still, according to ESPN the Golden State Warriors guard wants to host — meaning, to put on an event — on the Tour next year.

Curry would likely want to host an event after the season, meaning he could try to grab a spot in July, August, or September before any heavy interference from the NBA season would start.


ESPN has learned that Curry’s representatives at Octagon are working with the PGA Tour to finalize a deal that allows the agency to work with the Tour to sell marketing and sponsorship deals for a tournament that will be played in the fall of 2019. Sources told ESPN calls were being made to prospective sponsors of the event.

The deal has been kept quiet because Curry wanted to focus on basketball, where his Warriors team is tied 1-1 with the Rockets in the Western Conference finals.

A PGA Tour official acknowledged the organization talked with Curry’s team.

“There’s no doubt Stephen Curry brings a young, new, diverse audience to the PGA Tour through his passion for this great game and support for the community,” said PGA Tour spokeswoman Laura Neal. “We’re excited about the prospect of partnering with an iconic athlete of his caliber in the future.”

Curry won’t be playing, at least not during tournament play, if and when he gets an event on the schedule. Curry did play in some Tour events in 2017. The Tour is a developmental tour for players who aren’t yet on the main PGA Tour.

If a Curry-hosted event does happen it is possible we see him around the links taking part in other events that happen during these tournaments like practice rounds, par 3 contests, and so forth.

I’d like to see Curry get an event just so a bunch of other NBA dudes come out and intermingle with the top guys on the PGA Tour. Also, I really want to see what kind of custom clubs they have to make for a 7-foot-tall Kevin Durant.