Warriors’ Draymond Green trademarks ‘Hampton 5’


As if the “Death Lineup” wasn’t already a stupid enough thing to call the Golden State Warriors’ small ball lineup, the “Hamptons 5” might be even worse.

The phrase was coined by The Athletic San Francisco’s Tim Kawakami as a reference to Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala heading to The Hamptons, an elite segment of Long Island in New York, to recruit Kevin Durant in 2016.

And thus, the Death Lineup became the Hamptons 5.

It’s not a very subtle moniker, and it perhaps highlights the Warriors’ abundance of talent in a negative light given the elitist nature of the Hamptons itself. Compared to great team nicknames of decades past, it just doesn’t match up.

The Bad Boys. Showtime. Run TMC. Lob City. Even the Jail Blazers is better. The Hamptons 5?


But according to a report from TMZ, Green has decided to trademark the name. Of course, the other hiccup is that Green has gone for “Hampton 5” without the s on the word Hamptons.

It’s all sort of confusing and lame, especially for what is probably the best team ever assembled in NBA history.