Report: Dan Gilbert told Ty Lue to try new things, not to fear failure


Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert isn’t afraid to speak his mind. We know that much. Plus, Gilbert is apt to make his feelings known on front office and on-court issues.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Gilbert apparently has been in communication with Cavaliers coach Ty Lue over the season about allowing for some more flexibility in the gameplan. According to’s Joe Vardon, Gilbert has told Lue that he should not be afraid of failure, and that new ideas should be implemented with regard to lineups and strategy.


Also, he listens to his boss, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert — who told him in a text message early this season to dare to be different.

“Dan Gilbert told me … you’ve gotta try new things,” Lue said. “Like, in business you gotta try new things. If it works, you’re a genius, if not, you change and do something else. I just think you gotta try things and kinda see how your team reacts to it.”

In the text message, viewed by, Gilbert told Lue: “philosophically, sometimes I think we should NOT be afraid to fail as much as we seem to be.”

LeBron is a seemingly a difficult player to gameplan for, both against and when he’s on your own team. In the playoffs the main factor hasn’t been Lue’s coaching, but rather the fact that James has been on an absolute tear.

The Cavaliers have had a weird season, and failure could be on their horizon with the tough challenge of the Boston Celtics ahead. It’s a good thing Gilbert is OK with that … right?