Minor league baseball team tries to recruit LeBron James to follow in Jordan’s footsteps

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As publicity stunts go, this is a clever one.

LeBron James is chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan and trying to establish his credentials as the greatest player ever (or at least belonging in that conversation). That means dramatic scoring (check), longevity (check), winning (check), and racking up records (check).

But what about playing baseball? You know, spending a season in the minor leagues missing curveballs, just like MJ did?

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs (great name) tried to recruit LeBron as a free agent to follow Jordan into minor leagues.

If the goal is to be the greatest of all-time – the true GOAT – then you’re doing pretty well. Being the best player in this generation is nothing to sneeze at.

But there’s one major flaw in your quest. One glaring hole in your resume that continues to hold you back, that leaves you a clear level below Michael Jordan.

A season of mediocre play in Minor League Baseball.

Jordan knew this, which is why he stepped away from the NBA after his 31st birthday to spend a season in Birmingham. You’re already 33, and time is slipping away.

The IronPigs even got in on the billboard act (like Philly, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and other cities).

What is more likely: LeBron agreeing to sign a new contract with the Magic, or with the IronPigs?

Well played, Lehigh Valley. Well played, indeed.