Steve Kerr doesn’t think the Rockets are hungrier than the Warriors (VIDEO)


Chris Paul‘s performance for the Houston Rockets in their closeout game against the New Orleans Pelicans finally pushed one of the best point guards in NBA history to the Conference Finals. Every bucket by Paul in that closing game showed just how hungry he was to get to the level many thought he would never find.

Now, the Rockets are slated to take on the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals and the question about which team wants to move on to the NBA Finals more has necessarily been batted around.

For Warriors coach Steve Kerr the answer is clear: it’s Golden State.

Speaking to reporters, Kerr said that the fact that his squad already had a championship rings was not a hindrance to their desire to make it to yet another Finals. In fact, Kerr thought it was quite the opposite — once you get a taste of that ring, you just want another one.

Via Twitter:

Kerr also made a sly attempt at mentioning that the Warriors understand and know they can get to the next level because they have been there before. Kerr was obviously insinuating that the Rockets likely have some doubts about whether or not they can make it past Golden State because they have never done that together as a group.

Hunger and desire is one thing, but talent is another. With Stephen Curry back on the floor for the Warriors it will be hard to bet against them. Houston could be as hungry as they like but it’s still a big question about whether or not they can actually take four out of seven games away from the reigning champs.