Draymond Green on Rockets: “We want another championship… It don’t matter to us who we play”

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The showdown we have all been waiting for since around Thanksgiving is finally set: Warriors vs. Rockets. The two best teams in the NBA this season going head-to-head in a best of seven.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey built a team aimed at knocking off the Warriors, one with multiple elite scorers — adding Chris Paul to go with James Harden — but also athletic, switchable defenders who can handle the Warriors motion offense. The Rockets have been obsessed with beating the Warriors. They wanted this matchup, with Morey posting this after the Warriors win Tuesday night.

The Warriors, they haven’t lost sleep thinking about the Rockets. Chris Haynes of ESPN tried to ask Draymond Green about it and Green went on a rant. As he do.

The Warriors may not have obsessed about the Rockets — Golden State had to face LeBron James in three straight Finals, that brings some perspective to its worldview — but they noticed. The Warriors were watching out of the corner of their eye, looking while trying to act like they weren’t looking.

I believe Green speaks the truth, all they ultimately want is another title, but it’s been clear for six months now that the Rockets were the one team that could keep them from that goal. They noticed. They know what’s ahead of them.