Donovan Mitchell explains rant about James Harden (‘If that’s what he needs to win f—ing MVP, f— it’)

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

James Harden drew a couple Donovan Mitchell fouls late in the Rockets’ Game 4 win over the Jazz on Sunday.

That clearly didn’t sit well with the Utah rookie as he left the court:


If that’s what he needs to win f—ing MVP, f— it.

Playing against Harden, who excels at drawing fouls, is frustrating. Losing in the playoffs is frustrating.

Mitchell’s reaction is understandable – but also one had to answer for.

Mitchell, via Eric Woodyard of the Deseret News:

“Obviously, he’s the MVP. There’s no doubt about that. I’m pretty sure that we’ve all said things that in the heat of the moment, you get upset,” Mitchell explained. “It’s more so about myself. You try so hard to fight back, and we did. I’m definitely upset that it came out that way. But you can’t do anything about it; I understand that.

“There are cameras everywhere, and I’m getting used to that,” he added. “Like I said, he is the MVP and rightfully so. I’m really focused on just going out here and seeing what we can do for Game 5, and not really the calls. That’s not who I am.”

Competitiveness isn’t always pretty in front of a camera. We don’t need to drag Mitchell through the mud for this, and I doubt it affects him.

He has long done an excellent job of focusing on the task at hand.