Steve Kerr calls out Rajon Rondo for stepping under Stephen Curry (VIDEO)


The series between the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans got a bit more interesting last week as Anthony Davis & Co. took Game 3 back in Louisiana.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr seems up to the challenge, and no doubt has worked on quite a bit in preparation for Sunday’s Game 4 matchup. The only thing Kerr had to complain about was some of the play between Rajon Rondo and his Golden State stars.

Speaking to reporters, Kerr said that the back-and-forth between Rondo and guys like Draymond Green was all par for the course, especially in a playoff matchup. Kerr commended Rondo trying to get under his players’ skin, although he wasn’t super happy with a play in the first quarter where Rondo appears to sweep his leg under Curry’s landing spot on a jumper.

Here’s the play in question, and what Kerr had to say about it.

Via Twitter:

That certainly seems intentional, especially if you try to think of what reason that movement from Rondo would have in the normal play of the game.

Kerr said the team will likely send in the play for review, although he doesn’t expect much out of it.

Meanwhile, the Pelicans and the Warriors just plain don’t like each other and that’s good for our viewing benefit. As long as dudes aren’t put in physically compromising positions, that is.