Draymond Green responds to Twitter user who wanted him shot (VIDEO)


People take sports too seriously. I personally think painting your face is a step too far. Some people go farther than that, like the guy who reportedly tweeted that he wanted someone to shoot Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green after they beat the New Orleans Pelicans, 118-92, in Game 4 on Sunday.


Green was asked about the tweet after the game, and gave the correct response: this doesn’t matter that much. The Warriors star said that if someone like him, who lives and breathes the NBA, didn’t think it was a matter of life-or-death, nobody outside should, either.

That’s a good perspective to have, as was Green’s other position. Seeming earnest, Green said he hoped the Twitter user would find “the help that he needs”.

Via Twitter:

Ball is life is a colloquialism. It’s not truth.

Plus, if you’re going to make jokes on Twitter you have to be careful they don’t have some kind of key context that often gets lost when your message reaches a broader audience. That, and you have to make sure they’re funny.

This one wasn’t, and the person who tweeted it eventually responded by apologizing.

Reminder: never tweet.