Report: Clippers deep in contract extension talks with Doc Rivers

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Doc Rivers did arguably his best coaching job since coming to Los Angeles this season. This was a team that lost Chris Paul the previous summer, was racked by injuries — Patrick Beverley and Danilo Gallinari were at the top of the list — and then traded Blake Griffin midway through the season. Still, behind a big season from Lou Williams, the Clippers pushed for a playoff spot until the final days of the regular season.

Change is coming to the Clippers. Whether they do it around a re-signed DeAndre Jordan or without him, the Clippers have some work to do with their roster. Is this be a remodel or a rebuild?

It looks as if Doc Rivers will be around either way.

After Rivers did not stick around for the rebuild in Boston and came to Los Angeles, there was an assumption in some quarters that would happen again this summer and he would end his run as the Clippers’ coach. Especially after Rivers was stripped of his GM powers, which now reside with Lawrence Frank.

Nope. The Clippers are close to reaching an extension with Rivers before he enters the fifth and final year of his existing contract. From Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times.

Although nothing has been made official, all indications are that Rivers and Ballmer have reached an agreement on a multiyear extension that will keep Rivers here for a remodeling job that will begin soon…

Neither Rivers nor the Clippers would comment on his contract, but both have been saying nice things about each other.

This would be a good, stabilizing move for the Clippers organization. And even under owner Steve Ballmer, stabilizing moves are something the Clipper organization needs more of.

Rivers likes living in Los Angeles, is happy with the organization and feels comfortable, and if this is where he wants to be the Clippers will be happy to keep him. Rivers is not going to make the ballpark $10 million a year he was getting to just be the coach, there will be a bit of a paycut, but he’s going to make the money a coach of his stature should receive.

And it looks like he will stay with the Clippers.