Draymond Green: “(I) ain’t trying to bait nobody. I’m chilling, playing basketball.”


Draymond Green may be the most irritating, get-under-your-skill, trolling NBA player in the league right now.

Unless its Rajon Rondo.

So if you match them up, you get plays such as this one.

After the game, Green said he was not baiting Rondo, but that the Pelicans are trying to bait him into technicals and mistakes. Via NBC Sports Bay Area:

“I don’t have to try and bait Rondo,” he said. “I get nothing out of trying to bait Rondo at anything. That does nothing for me. Once again, when have I went up to him and tried to bait him? (Media) hate the storyline of somebody trying to bait me, huh? I’ve just got to be involved. ‘Oh, Draymond is doing this! At some point, somebody has got to tell the truth. It ain’t Draymond this time.

“I’ve baited a lot of guys,” he conceded. “I’ve tried to bait a lot of guys. Succeeded in quite a bit, sometimes not. I ain’t trying to bait nobody….

“So at some point somebody’s got to tell the truth,” he said. “And I know that’s not quite the DNA these days, of people telling the truth. But at some point, y’all got to tell the truth. Draymond ain’t trying to bait nobody. I’m chilling, playing basketball. I look forward to y’all telling the truth one day. Maybe it won’t happen; I ain’t expecting it. But I do look forward to it.”

Call it baiting or whatever you want, both of these guys are trying to be irritants. It’s what they do. The mental part of the game, getting under a players’ skin, it’s part of the plan for both Green and Rondo. So both are clashing. Welcome to the playoffs.

It’s just going to get more interesting as this series goes on.