Report: Jamal Crawford opting out of Timberwolves contract

AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith

Jeremy Lin opted in. Wesley Matthews opted in. Cory Joseph opted in. Wesley Johnson opted in.

Facing a tight market for free agents, many NBA players will opt in this offseason.

That’s why Jamal Crawford, who holds a $4,544,400 player option for next season, will surely –

Chris Haynes of ESPN:

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jamal Crawford will decline his 2018-19 player option to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, league sources tell ESPN.

I doubt Crawford will get $4,544,400 on the open market, but he might. His best skill – making difficult shots – is still highly valued. (I’d prefer someone who creates more easy shots.)

At 38, Crawford might just prefer the flexibility of free agency. He can choose his team – maybe chase his first championship ring or find a team in greater need of a bench scorer.

The Timberwolves aren’t a realistic contender yet. They should also be fine without Crawford.

Minnesota should stagger Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns more. Andrew Wiggins is also comfortable as a primary option, and maybe propping up reserve-heavy units would keep him happy. Jeff Teague is also experienced as an offensive focal point. Tom Thibodeau can manage his rotation to keep at least one of these starters in the game more often.

And he’ll probably just re-sign Derrick Rose, too.