NBA retroactively gives Kevin Love flagrant foul, but rules DeMar DeRozan should’ve been called for fouling him first


Kevin Love elbowed DeMar DeRozan in the chin late in regulation during the Cavaliers’ Game 1 overtime win over the Raptors last night and was called for an offensive foul. There were three errors in officiating, the NBA ruled:

1. DeRozan got away with fouling Love first.

1. The play should have been reviewed and wasn’t.

2. Love should have have been called for a flagrant foul.

Last Two Minute Report:

Love (CLE) swings his elbows and makes contact with DeRozan (TOR). Given the wind up and impact, the play should have been reviewed and a Flagrant Foul Penalty 1 should have been assessed.

The league retroactively gave Love a flagrant foul.


Kevin Love’s (CLE) foul against DeMar DeRozan (TOR) at 1:11 of 4th quarter on 5/1/18 upgraded to a Flagrant 1 upon league office review.

A flagrant foul called live would have given Toronto two free throws – a pretty darn big deal in a game that went to overtime.


The NBA also ruled DeRozan should have been called for fouling Love one second before the would-be flagrant. Last Two Minute Report:

After Love (CLE) secures the rebound, DeRozan (TOR) makes contact with his arms and wraps him up. Love steps with the ball, however when a violation (like a travel) and a foul occur at the same time, the foul will take precedence.

Love swung his elbows to clear out DeRozan. If DeRozan hadn’t draped himself over Love, Love wouldn’t have committed the foul.

So, Toronto wasn’t really wronged in the result – a loss to Cleveland.