Raptors mascot copies fashion of Russell Westbrook (who copied Damian Lillard) (PHOTO)


The NBA playoffs can get serious, sometimes. After all, enough losses and eventually they stop letting you play games.

So a little levity is appreciated, from time-to-time. Enter the Toronto Raptors mascot — The Raptor, as it were — who decided to copy Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook‘s pregame outfit from last week.

That outfit was an ice blue suit with no shirt underneath, complete with red-orange sunglasses.

Via Twitter:

Of course, the real irony here is that Westbrook’s whole steez is a just copy of Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard‘s outfit from back in December, complete with chain-on-chest. As you may remember, Westbrook infamously dogged Lillard for lobbying for an All-Star spot when teammate Paul George missed the cut.

Westbrook pretends Lillard annoys him but maybe it’s just because he thought of this look first?