Dwyane Wade thanks Kevin Hart in Sixers gear for extra motivation

Getty Images

Dwyane Wade turned back the hands of time Monday night. The Heat legend had 28 points and seven rebounds to spark Miami’s Game 2 win. He also made key the key play down the stretch — when the Sixers had the momentum and were making a run, he slid up behind Dario Saric and the elbow and stripped him, leading to a run-out dunk for Wade that changed the feel of the game.

Wade is a future Hall of Famer and while he can’t do it as often now, he still has these nights.

Monday, Wade said he had a little extra motivation — Kevin Hart, a Philadelphia native, in a Sixers jacket barking on the sidelines.

From NBC Sports Philadelphia:

“When you got people like Kevin Hart talking on the sideline, when you got the crowd saying all the things they’re saying, I heard a lot of things tonight, and it’s all used as motivation,” Wade said. “To be able to hush a whole crowd, that’s a great feeling.”

Hart’s going to be there in Miami, but he may want to think twice about firing up Wade.