Draymond Green: Flagrant foul response to Davis Bertans putting me ‘in a chokehold like I was in the WWE’


Draymond Green flagrantly fouled Davis Bertans in the Warriors’ Game 2 win over the Spurs last night. Green elbowed Bertans hard and high. It was a no-brainer call.

But Green, of course, casts doubt on his actions and pins blame on Bertans.

Green, via Chris Haynes of ESPN:

“I think it was a little bit of a flop,” Green said at the podium, after producing nine points, five boards and six assists. “I don’t even know if I hit him, but if I did — I’m not saying I didn’t, I don’t know — but if it’s going to be a flagrant foul, shouldn’t it be a double flagrant? Like, I can just get grabbed around my neck? I’m not going to sit up here and say I did nothing. I’ve got to get someone off my neck, though. If you’re going to penalize me, then why not penalize both? That’s really my only thing.”

Green said he’s not concerned about the flagrant point.

“Nah, I don’t care. It is what it is,” Green responded. “Life goes on. There’s more important things in life than worrying about a flagrant point. Maybe it’ll get rescinded. I got choked, put in a chokehold like I was in the WWE or something. So it might get rescinded. Who knows?”

Bertans’ elbow might have touched Green’s neck. That’s nowhere near a chokehold.