Stephen Curry to be re-evaluated in one week; second round return still seems likely

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Steve Kerr has made it clear before that Stephen Curry would sit out the first round of the playoffs, where the Warriors take on the Spurs starting Saturday, in part to protect him from himself. They need a fully healthy Curry to beat an outstanding Houston team in the conference finals in a few weeks, they should be fine against San Antonio.

Along those lines, Stephen Curry will rehab for another week then be re-evaluated, the team announced Saturday before Game 1. This week he will be put through more lateral movement and other steps toward a return.

The expectation is still he is back at the start of, or early in, the second round.

Without Curry, the Warriors’ offense is still dangerous — they have elite scorers in Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, a good passing and playmaking big in Draymond Green, and plenty of veteran role players who know how to put the ball in the basket. But it’s not the same. The Warriors offense is built around Curry and his ball movement and movement off the ball. Curry’s presence opens up the floor for others because even if he’s 28 feet from the bucket on the weak side a defender needs to be near him, and another needs to have his eye on him. Remove Curry and the Warriors take more midrange jumpers (29 percent of their shot attempts are midrangers when Curry is on the court, that jumps to 43 percent when he’s is out, according to Cleaning The Glass).