PBT Extra: Jeff Hornacek out in New York, but it wasn’t all his fault


Jeff Hornacek knew what was coming, probably from the minute Phil Jackson went back to his Montana ranch and Steve Mills/Scott Perry were given control of the franchise. Certainly, as this season wore on, Hornacek knew the writing was on the wall.

Late Wednesday night, Hornacek was fired after his second season as Knicks coach.

In this PBT Extra I have some sympathy for Hornacek — this was not all his fault. Not the bad contracts, not the injuries. That doesn’t mean he coached this team up enough to overcome those issues, nor does it mean the time for change had not arrived. It had. But there is context.

There’s also a lot of discussion of who is next in the big chair in New York. Will Knicks fans be happy with anyone who is not Mark Jackson?