James Harden says NBA moms have meetings

Getty Images

Kevin Durant‘s mom Wanda has been all over your television, and when she’s not there she’s having fun and defending her son on social media. She probably is the most recognizable NBA mom.

But she’s far from alone on social media — moms of NBA stars have become stars in their own right.

And they have meetings, James Harden told GQ (hat tip NBA Reddit).

Harden takes evident pride that his career has enabled his mother, Monja Willis, to have an NBA life of her own. Willis is one of a bumper crop of delightful NBA moms, led by Draymond Green‘s mom, Mary Babers-Green, and Kevin Durant’s “real MVP,” Wanda. They are funny, salty, ferociously protective of their sons, and living their best lives on Instagram. “My mom—she hangs out with, like, moms of other players that I don’t even talk to,” Harden says, amused.

“There are mom meetings, things like that.”

You’re joking, right?

“No, I’m serious. Mom meetings. That makes me happy, ’cause they get to talk about their sons behind our backs. She deserves that.”

Do they not invite Deron Williams’ mom because nobody really likes her, either?

I so want to be a fly on the wall for those meetings, especially after they’ve had a few mimosas. Or martinis.