41-year-old Vince Carter plans to play one more season

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Vince Carter has spent this season toiling in relative anonymity in Sacramento, where he has provided a stabilizing veteran influence on and off the court for one of the league’s youngest teams and had a few moments on it, like dropping 24 on the Cavaliers one night (outscoring LeBron James). He’s been paid a tidy $8 million to do that and has filled the role well, plus provided 5.3 points a game and knocked down some threes in the 57 games he played in.

Carter says he’s not done.

In part of his diary for ESPN’s Undefeated, Carter said he wants to play one more season.

“I plan on coming back next season. I plan on coming back one more season. I’m almost 90 percent sure that’s it after next season. … You kind of go through the season, especially when the end is near, and you say, ‘Hey, how do I feel?’ The summertime kind of dictates it all…. I always said I’ll walk away from the game when I’m not willing to put the work in to be prepared for the season. I wouldn’t disrespect the game like that.

“I just think that after next season it is time. It’s been great … maybe two more years. But, you know, in my mind, I think it’s time for one more. And I think this summer will probably be the toughest summer. Probably just doing what I need to do to be prepared. I know I have to do it to be in the league. When I have to have those conversations with myself, I know it’s getting time.”

Where is he going to play? Well, that ties into how much money he’s willing to suit up for — if he will play for the minimum or close to it a number of teams, some very good ones, would have a roster spot available for him. However, if he expects to be in the $8 million range again his options narrow.

Either way, someone will give him a spot. We’re going to get one more season of Vince Carter.