Boban Marjanovic so tall he teases Anthony Davis with ball like child

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Please allow me a small personal aside: When you cover the NBA for a living and attend a lot of games in person, you become desensitized to height in that context. A 6’8″ guy, a full eight inches taller than me, doesn’t phase me. I don’t look twice at a 6’10” player, you just become numb to the height. But every once in a while a guy comes through the locker rooms and gyms where you double take and think “they make human’s that big?” Shaq is that way. Yao Ming had that effect.

Boban Marjanovic is one of those guys.

The Clippers 7’3″ Serbian center is not just tall but thick and with a long wingspan. How big is he? Watch him treat Anthony Davis like I treat my 9-year-old daughter when I don’t want her to get a piece of candy.

You have just watched the latest NBA meme be born.

The best part is the way Davis laughs at it, as do Rajon Rondo and the rest of the Pelican team.