Russell Westbrook backs teachers in walkout in Oklahoma

Associated Press

Russell Westbrook cares about education — and he’s put his money where his mouth is. Westbrook, through his foundation, has opened more than 20 reading rooms at schools around Oklahoma and made other investments in education in the state.

That’s a state where public schools are closed as teachers walked out in a dispute over pay and school funding. That walkout (it’s not a strike because those are illegal in Oklahoma) is expected to continue into its second week next week. Those teachers have seen no raises for a decade while school funding statewide has been cut.

Russell Westbrook has their back.

“Education is very very important to me and the teachers are stand up for something I obviously believe in, that’s helping the kids get a better education,” Westbrook said. “Obviously them getting paid more, more funding for the schools is very, very important. So I’m definitely all in for that. I believe education is key to a lot of different things that’s going on in society.”

Good on Westbrook. Oklahoma is bottom three in teacher pay by state, and the state is bleeding teachers to Texas because trained teachers can go there and get an instant pay raise. He knows what he believes, and isn’t afraid to use his pulpit to back it.