Danny Green on Spurs teammates, Kawhi Leonard: ‘We’re not at odds with him’


Things are getting weird in San Antonio between the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard. That’s no doubt, and reports have confirmed as much.

Yet while the organization might be feeling some distance with Leonard, the actual players on the team apparently don’t feel that way about the former NBA Finals MVP.

Speaking on Chris Broussard’s podcast this week, Spurs guard Danny Green said he didn’t feel as though Leonard and his teammates were at odds. In fact, Green insisted that they still have Leonard’s back throughout everything that’s been said about the rumored rift.

Via In the Zone, transcribed by Uproxx:

“I can say from our team and from their perspective and standpoint, I can speak for most of them, there is no odds,” Green said. “We’re not at odds with him. I don’t know about the front office, I don’t know about family issues or whatever that is. I would like to guess none because he’s in the facility, he’s at the arena, he’s still there, they communicate, they still talk and check up on him, he still works out with our training staff. But from the team’s perspective, there’s nobody on our team that’s at odds with him. We understand, we have his back regardless of what he’s been going through.”

Things have definitely felt strained lately. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said as much, and the idea that teams might have any confidence to come calling with trade offers for Leonard is more real than ever.

Even Gregg Popovich has seemingly had some carefully-worded things to say about Leonard and his recovery from an injury that has taken longer than anyone expected to heal.

Will Leonard end up on another team? Or is this just the first big drama in San Antonio since Doc Rivers told Tim Duncan he couldn’t bring family members on the team plane?

We’ll just have to wait and find out come the summer.