Here’s Gordon Hayward running on his ankle without assistance (VIDEO)

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Everybody get ready to overreact. With just nine days left until their final game, the Boston Celtics are anxiously watching the rehabilitation of injured forward Gordon Hayward.

Today, Hayward took his first steps back toward the floor by jogging unassisted on his injured left ankle. The former Utah Jazz star broke his tibia and dislocated his ankle in the first game of the year back in October.

For Hayward, Monday’s rehab session was the first we’ve seen where he wasn’t wearing a cast or running with the assistance of an AlterG, a type of antigravity treadmill.

Via Twitter:

What does this mean for the Celtics? It’s hard to read into it much. Brad Stevens has been adamant that Hayward is unlikely to return this season. At the All-Star break Hawyard’s ankle was still “purpleish” according to at least one report.

Still, Boston could use him especially as they’ve been dinged with an injury to Kyrie Irving. Just given how gingerly he’s running here, it doesn’t seem like he’d be ready for the playoffs even with another month of rehab. Stranger things have happened, and all these updates probably send Celtics fans fluttering.

Hopefully he’ll be back sooner rather than later. The important thing is that Hayward doesn’t rush things an injure himself further or delay his rehab.