Enjoy this video of Boban Marjanović dancing to Drake (VIDEO)

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Boban Marjanovic seems like a cool dude. He’s one of the most efficient offensive players in NBA history, and after he was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers from the Detroit Pistons in the Blake Griffin trade earlier this season it appears he’s assimilated well into their team culture.

Marjanovic is an affable guy, and because he’s a whopping 7-foot-3 he dwarfs his teammates in DeAndre Jordan and Tobias Harris.

That’s what makes this video of Marjanovic dancing to Drake’s song “God’s Plan” before the Clippers took on the Indiana Pacers on Sunday so good.

Via Twitter:

I mean, Marjanovic can sort of get it.

The Pacers beat the Clippers, 111-104, but I think Marjanovic would win in a dance contest. They should have pitted him against Indiana’s Victor Oladipo.