Did Anthony Davis actually shave his unibrow? (Tomorrow is April Fool’s day)

Getty Images

Since he landed at Kentucky, people have been asking Anthony Davis “When are you going to shave that unibrow?” To which he has always responded, “Why would I?” It’s part of his persona, he’s nicknamed “The Brow” after all. It’s not like it hurts his game and it’s part of his marketing opportunities.

Then on Saturday, he posted this:

I know the Internet has never lied to us, but you buying that? The day before April Fool’s Day? With the convenient camera slip right at the fateful moment? While he has a well-placed Red Bull product placement towel over his shoulder?

As a natural-born skeptic, I’m not buying it. Plenty of people on Twitter were, although more seemed to side with my cynical view. We will find out on Sunday.