Watch Robin Lopez get ejected, go crazy (VIDEO)


Robin Lopez is a real character. The Chicago Bulls big man can be a fun interview, or stoic and standoffish. He loves comic books and has a reputation for fighting mascots.

Like I said, a character.

But Lopez also is prone to make his voice heard when it comes to dealing with referees. Early in the fourth quarter on Thursday night, Lopez got his fill when he went off on officials as the Chicago Bulls took on the Miami Heat.

With 8:43 left in the fourth quarter and the Bulls trailing, 87-72, Lopez was called for an offensive foul. The Bulls big man didn’t agree with that, and he promptly picked up two technical fouls.

Lopez was ejected, and the scene in Miami got a little … heated.

WARNING: NSFW language ahead.

Via Twitter:

Will Lopez get a fine to go along with his outburst? We’ll have to wail until tomorrow to see.