PBT Extra Player of the Week: Kemba Walker


It’s too little, too late, but the Charlotte Hornets have won four in a row heading into Wednesday night against Cleveland. There are a few reasons for that, such as a soft stretch of the schedule, but the biggest reason was simple:

Kemba Walker is very good. Walker averaged 31.3 points per game in those four games, shot 48.7 percent from three, and has been +17.5 per 48 minutes.

Whoever gets the GM’s corner office in Charlotte this summer has to sit down with Michael Jordan and make a decision: What to do about Walker. He is a free agent in 2019 and Walker said that the new GM’s plans and if the team can steadily make the playoffs will determine if he re-signs with them. The Hornets are either going to have to commit to paying a boatload of cash to keep him in 2019 and putting better talent around him (which is hard, they are capped out with some big contracts) or trading him now. We’ll see what direction they choose.