Dwyane Wade welcomes LeBron James to Miami by blocking him … twice (VIDEO)


Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were once teammates on the Miami Heat. Earlier this season they were teammates on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, things have changed and despite LeBron’s youthful tear through the month of March, Wade still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

That includes the ability to get a couple of old man blocks on The King on Tuesday night as the Cavaliers came to Florida to take on Wade and the Heat.

The first block came early in the second quarter as James drove left. Wade slid over to block him from behind as LeBron tried to battle the defender in front of him.

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The second block came in the fourth quarter with James again driving left. Wade snuck down from the corner to help on James, who didn’t see the Heat veteran come over the top for yet another old man move.

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Cleveland not only lost Kevin Love during the game, but their win streak as well. The Cavaliers had a five-game streak chopped down during a devastating Miami rout, 98-79.