After game Markelle Fultz mum on shoulder, thought fans’ chants were for Nick Foles

Associated Press

After missing 68 games with a shoulder injury that evolved into a confidence issue in his jump shot — and a chicken-or-egg mystery as to how it all got to thereMarkelle Fultz was back on the court Monday night for Philadelphia.

After the game, Fultz was basically asked, “well, how did we get here?” about the shoulder injury and shot — and he would have none of it. He just went silent. Via NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Fultz has been well coached — that was the correct PR play.

The rookie was talkative on other issues. For example, the standing ovation he got when he entered the game for the first time, and how the Sixers’ fans chanted his name — except he thought they were chanting “Nick Foles.” Which is not wholly unreasonable because Eagles chants still break out around Philly all the time since their first Super Bowl win since Grover Cleveland was president (the second time).

If things go as planned, fans will be chanting Fultz’s name a lot more in future years.