Barack and Michelle Obama have become Knicks fans, Craig Robinson says

MIchael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

The Knicks hired Barack Obama’s brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, last summer as an executive focused on player development.

How did that affect the former president and first lady, who are famously Bulls fans?

Robinson, in a Q&A with Ian Begley of ESPN:

Q: Now that you’re with the Knicks, are Michelle and Barack Obama rooting for the team?

CR: “Yeah, they are. They are absolutely Knicks fans, but they are both Chicago Bulls fans. They wouldn’t stop rooting for the Bulls even when I was with the Bucks. I never had to worry about it when I was coaching college. But yeah, they are Knicks fans, they pay attention. So I get critiqued by the former president of the United States and the former first lady.”

Q: Did you learn anything from Barack Obama about leadership?

CR: “The most I learned from him is how to deal with my sister. She’s not the easiest.” (Robinson laughs here, making it clear that he’s kidding.)

Bulls and Knicks? Poor Obamas.