Shaq: Put more, less-trained cops in, in front of and behind schools

Robert Mora/Getty Images

Shaquille O’Neal is infatuated with police – too often to the public’s detriment when he’s indulged.

With increased attention on school shootings and gun violence, the former NBA great has an idea.

Shaq, via ESPN:

“The government should give law enforcement more money,” he said on WABC Radio’s “Curtis and Cosby” show on Wednesday. “Give more money, you recruit more people, and the guys that are not ready to go on the streets, you put them in front of the schools. You put ’em in front of the schools, you put ’em behind the schools, you put ’em inside the schools, and we need to pass information. … I would like to see police officers in schools, inner cities, private schools.”

This is a bad idea.