Rumor: Is Andrew Wiggins unhappy as third option in Minnesota?

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The denials for this report will start in 3…2…

When Tom Thibodeau engineered the trade for Jimmy Butler last summer, one of the big questions was how that would impact Andrew Wiggins. Butler and Wiggins play the same position and have a similar style of game, it’s just that Butler is basically better at every aspect of it. Wiggins has seen his shot attempts (and points per game) go down this season, and with that efficiency has dropped (he’s had the ball in his hands less, and been asked to spot up more). The transition with the Timberwolves has not always been smooth, but the team is winning and on its way to breaking a 13-year playoff drought.

Winning does not always cure all ills, which brings us to this report out of Minnesota.

Again, expect the denials of this to come soon.

Is Wiggins unhappy? Who knows.

Is he frustrated? Who could blame him? He is a No. 1 overall pick that the Timberwolves traded for, a guy who they keep telling is going to be one of the cornerstones of the franchise, then they go out and trade for a guy who plays the same position and style? Can’t blame him for being frustrated.

Wiggins has seen his spot-up attempts go way up this season as he has to work off the ball more, he’s getting fewer post-ups and other touches he likes. Some guys can embrace this change and put their needs aside for the betterment of the team, finding other ways to contribute (Chris Bosh is the poster child for this). Others struggle to different degrees with it. Wiggins has had a few struggles, likely is frustrated, but this shouldn’t be blown up into some real problem in Minnesota until Wiggins starts trying to push back against the system or push his way out the door.