Will Barton calls Lakers/Jamal Murray feud “a suburban beef”

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This is your quote of the day.

First, a little background — Lakers players are pissed at Nuggets point guard Jamal Murray (the two teams square off on Tuesday night). The second time these teams met this season, Denver lost but rather than just stand and dribble the ball out in the final seconds Murray ran up and dribbled a circle around Lonzo Ball, showing the rookie up. Last week when they played — another Nuggets win — Lakers players and coach Luke Walton were pissed at Murray for talking too much smack at the end of the game.

Denver’s Will Barton was asked about this “feud” and this was his brilliant quote (via Gina Mizell of the Denver Post):

“It ain’t real. That’s some suburban beef, man. Come on. Somebody’s mad about somebody getting hot and talking a little bit? That happens every day in the NBA.”

It’s a Laker tradition to get fired up over meaningless crap — Kobe Bryant invented straw men to fire himself up. Thing is, Kobe backed it up with a win (usually). These Lakers have yet to do that, and if Denver’s winning they get the high ground on this. Ball understands.