Rudy Gobert: Gordon Hayward ‘kind of ignored me’ during free agency


Rudy Gobert previously complained about Gordon Hayward not texting back during free agency. Hayward, of course, left Gobert and the Jazz for the Celtics.

Now, Gobert is expanding on his displeasure for Hayward’s handling of his exit.

Gobert, via FOX 13 Salt Lake City:

We all know Gordon is a good player. We all know it’s a business, and sometimes you have to make tough decision.

For my part, it was only the fact that he didn’t really communicate with me. I tried to reach out to him before, just to have some informations. No matter what, I was going to respect his choice. He kind of ignored me. That’s the part I didn’t really like.

I was kind of considering him as a brother. We played four years together, went through a lot. And I thought I was important enough to know. Looks like I wasn’t, but we’ve moved on.

Hurt feelings are nearly inevitable in these situations. It obviously stinks that Hayward left someone who considered him a brother feeling this way, but I also understand Hayward needing to look out for himself at that point.

Talking to Gobert could have complicated Hayward’s decision-making. Even giving Gobert a heads up of his decision would have increased the chance of it leaking (which happened anyway).

If Hayward needed space, he was entitled to it. He probably should have at least texted Gobert that, though.

And Hayward still met with the Jazz, including Gobert, in San Diego. It’s not as if Gobert were completely shut out.

But high-stakes free agencies almost always cause bitterness.

In this case, Gobert felt the brunt of it.