Guy switches from Kevin Durant to Damian Lillard jersey after Warriors loss (VIDEO)


It’s all well and good to subscribe to the tired joke that Golden State Warriors fans are bandwagoners. It’s funny, even if the core of that fanbase has been around for awhile, and through marketing, travel, and their electric style of play, the team has gained a large non-local audience that’s very real.

But this guy? This guy is Bandwagon with a capital B.

During the Portland Trail Blazers’ impressive win over the Warriors on Friday night, a fan was caught in the lower bowl at Moda Center putting a brand new Damian Lillard Blazers jersey on. The only problem?

He was putting it on over the Kevin Durant Warriors jersey he wore to the game.

Via Twitter:

This is understandable if you’re under the age of, say, 14 — one fan did tweet photos of a kid around the age of eight going from Golden State to Blazers colors during the game. But grown dudes?

Portland folks already want everyone from California to move out of their state. This guy isn’t helping their case, wherever he’s from.

But hey, welcome to the bandwagon I guess. Portland beat the Warriors, 125-108, to extend their win streak to nine straight.