Lakers once again ticked at Jamal Murray’s late-game antics

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Back in December, the Lakers were pissed when, in the final seconds of a Nuggets win, Denver point guard Jamal Murray dribbled a circle around Lonzo Ball rather than dribble out the clock.

Friday night the Nuggets beat the Lakers again, and once again the Lakers were ticked at Murray.

This time it was what Murray was saying, which Lakers coach Luke Walton called “disrespectful,” reports Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN.

“I felt like for the second time we played here, Murray was being a little disrespectful at the end of the game,” said Walton, who would not go into specifics. “[It was] just some trash-talking toward our guys.”

“I don’t know, I don’t really worry about Jamal Murray,” Ball said when asked what Murray did at the end of this game on Friday night. “Like I said, ain’t nobody worried about him.”

The Lakers were dismissive of Murray (who certainly has a healthy ego), but Murray could not have cared less.

“I just like competing,” Murray said. “You know, we are playing for a playoff spot. We just came off two bad losses and we had to go out there and play with a little fire, and I guess the other team took it to heart. But I can’t do anything about that but just keep playing my game and accept the challenges. I can’t control what the other team’s gonna feel,” Murray added. “I’m just gonna go out there and hoop, and whoever takes it to heart and takes their losses salty, I can’t do anything about that.”

Lakers, want to shut Murray up? Play better. Beat him and the Nuggets.

Maybe what Murray said crossed a line (we don’t know what exactly went down), maybe he was disrespectful, but the way you shut him up is out playing him. The Lakers have not done that (Murray had 22 points on 12 shots, plus eight assists Friday). Ball has not done that. Actions speak louder than words. Right now, Murray has had the upper hand in both.