PBT Extra: Can Toronto Raptors come out of the East?


The Toronto Raptors are having the franchise’s best regular season ever — they are likely going to finish with the No. 1 seed for the first time in franchise history, and maybe reach 60 wins (fivethirtyeight.com projects them at 60, and Boston at 56).

However, we’ve all seen this movie before, right? DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry come back to earth, their isolation-heavy ball is more defendable in the postseason, and the Raptors disappoint.

Not this year. This is Toronto’s year.


In this PBT Extra I get into the two questions hanging over a Toronto run to the Finals (and only one is about them directly). I think they can do it, but the questions remain.

This much is certain: This is the Raptors best chance ever. If they have a year to do it, this is it.