Billboard wars comes to Los Angeles: Fan’s billboard woos LeBron, takes shot at Sixers

via Twitter

Forget social media, the best way to recruit a player now is apparently billboards. Big, urban visual blight billboards.

First, a Philadelphia business posted three outside Cleveland (a  nod to the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”) telling LeBron to come to the Sixers. Then a Cleveland business took out a billboard in downtown Cleveland to respond.

Now a Lakers’ fan (and lawyer promoting his firm) has stepped into the fray.

“Forget the process, we win banners.”

Well, except for 1983, when the Sixers swept the Lakers. But forget that.

I keep hearing from sources around the league the Lakers are a longshot to land LeBron, because even despite the recent run of play he’s not convinced this young L.A. core is ready to win titles with him (or even him and Paul George). If LeBron leaves Cleveland (and that is far from a sure thing, more and more people think he stays) then Houston is the name I hear most, with Philadelphia gaining some level of traction. LeBron is going to go through the playoffs, survey the NBA landscape and where the Cavaliers and other teams are in it, then make his call.

The billboards are not going to play a role.