Report: Nuggets, Grizzlies changing color schemes

AP Photo/John Dunn

Behind Nikola Jokic, the Nuggets are transitioning into a new era.

That’ll apparently include changing color schemes.

Denver, already moving away from powder blue, will go nearly full throwback. The Grizzlies will also make a more subtle change.

Conrad Burry of

Check out Burry’s post for mockups of what the teams’ new jerseys might look like.

The Nuggets were mostly awful the last time they wore maroon and blue, 1994-2003. I’m not sure why they want to call back to that era. If they wanted a color scheme from their past, they should have gone rainbow – a more fun look reminiscent of happier times.

Memphis’ change would barely register if I weren’t so curious what happens to 3Shadesofblue.