Cavaliers say they’re not upset with Jeff Green roller-skating while out injured


With a bow essentially put on J.R. Smith‘s soup throw, the Cavaliers have moved onto another silly “scandal.”

Jeff Green is out with a back injury. Yet he – gasp – roller-skated, as video posted by LeBron James to Instagram shows.

Joe Vardon of

Green, James, and JR Smith were among those who appeared on James’ Instagram account skating away on Sunday at a private party described internally on the Cavs as a “team bonding” event. It is not clear which other Cavs personnel attended.

Cavs staff, in talking with, said while the appearance of Green on roller skates at a time when he can’t play because of a back injury is not a great look, the team’s intent was to keep Green out of games for a period of five days to rest his body from the rigors of NBA court battles.

Roller skating should not be equated with the pounding the body takes during a game, they said.

Were people actually upset with Green? Or are the Cavs just combating faux outrage?

Everyone should be happy that Green is healthy enough to skate. That could show progress. It doesn’t mean he’s ready to play NBA basketball.